The Sims 4 build creates Fallout style abandoned town with no CC

An amazing The Sims 4 build from creator Mita Sims imagines a broken-down, abandoned apartment block in the style of Fallout and Nier without any custom content

The Sims 4 build - a man in an orange beanie, backed by Sims 4 abandoned building by Mitasims98

Usually when you think of the best Sims 4 builds, you tend to imagine beautiful, hand-crafted houses with stunning gardens and gorgeous interiors. Sims creator Mita Sims decided to take a different approach, adopting the aesthetic of run-down, abandoned apartment blocks that you might usually associate more with games like Fallout 4 and Nier Automata than with the upbeat EA life sim.

This abandoned Sims 4 building features all the hallmarks of classic broken-down places you’d expect to see in your usual post-apocalyptic adventures: broken floors, crumbling walls, and rubble strewn across the standing structures from all the collapsed sections. Nature has begun to flourish in its place, with grass and shrubbery growing across the cracked walls and exposed framework and foundations.

It’s a densely packed design that really captures the vibe with a haunting beauty, and watching Mita put the whole thing together in a speed build video is all the more impressive. It’s almost magical to see how the designs come to life when watching such an expert Sims builder as this go to work.

Perhaps most impressively of all, this Sims 4 build doesn’t make use of any Sims 4 CC – that means it’s all done using items and objects available in-game, rather than making use of community-created custom content. We’d love to see how it plays out as an actual home for a family of Sims, but it’d also make a wonderful (if somewhat dishevelled) addition to any Sims 4 neighbourhood.

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If you’re interested in seeing more from Mita Sims, you can do so on her YouTube channel or via her username ‘Mitasims98’ on EA’s The Sims 4 gallery, where she showcases plenty of other builds including a rather stunning spin on the Disney Dream Castle.

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