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Baldur’s Gate 3 goes supernatural in this dark Steam RPG, out now

If you're looking for you next Baldur's Gate 3-like RPG game obsession, isometric fantasy adventure The Thaumaturge is now out on Steam.

The Thaumaturge Steam: a man

If Baldur’s Gate 3 has you chomping at the bit for another in-depth isometric CRPG game, The Thaumaturge is definitely for you. Out now, the Fool’s Theory game is being published by Frostpunk 2 developer 11 bit studios, and it could very well be 2024’s answer to that BG3-shaped hole in your heart.

It’s Warsaw, Poland in 1905. You’re thaumaturge Wiktor Szulski, drawn back to the city on family matters, and coincidentally the only one who can tame the mystical Lovecraftian creatures that roam the streets. The Thaumaturge uses CRPG turn-based combat, investigation mechanics, and character development features in tandem with this premise to deliver an RPG game unlike any I’ve ever seen before.

If you loved the sheer breadth of choices you could make in Larian’s Baldur’s Gate 3, The Thaumaturge carries on this depth of decision-making. You’ll be influencing other characters and the world around you, and making choices that often don’t have a right or wrong answer.

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All of those bizarre beings you’ll be encountering are called salutors, and while you might think they’re just an obstacle to overcome, The Thaumaturge actually wants you to use the creatures to your advantage, in whatever way you can. Depending on which salutors you tame, you can gain a better perception of the world, better influence people, and more.

With BG3 reigniting many people’s love for the in-depth RPG, and games like Sovereign Syndicate piquing our interest, 2024 and beyond could see these RPGs do incredibly well.

The Thaumaturge is available as of right now on Steam, you can learn more right here. The game was supposed to come out in the middle of February, but it was delayed to give it the room 11 bit studios and developer Fool’s Theory think it deserves.

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