This fabulously festive Witcher 3 mod gives geese santa hats

There are hosts of incredible Witcher 3 mods out there, with tons of options to make the open-world game’s, well, open world look even more spectacular, increase Geralt’s carry weight for better loot scooping, and even turn the Witcher himself into Overwatch’s Genji. Then there are those that are just really good fun, and – in this case – fabulously festive. A new Witcher 3 mod lets the Continent’s waterfowl get into the seasonal spirit by giving them their own Christmassy caps.

“GEESE HAVE SANTA HATS,” proclaims modder Valennia on the aptly named ‘Christmas Geese’ mod page. Created by Vale and Feregorn, the mod does exactly this; it plops a weeny little red and white santa hat atop the heads of the RPG game’s roaming waterfowl. Sure, it sounds simple, and it is – but get a look at the modder’s images, and you’ll quickly realise you can’t possibly hope to celebrate the holiday season in-game without these little festively decked out fowl running around.

According to the modder, the creation was inspired by a previous mod that gave The Witcher 3’s chickens little tin foil helmets, and now, all geese get santa hats.

“What better way to increase your immersion and celebrate holiday festivity?” the modder asks. Quite right. Take a look for yourself:

If you’re keen to give your geese some festive flair, you can find the Christmas Geese mod at Nexus Mods right here.

We also have a rundown of the best games to play over Christmas if you’re on the lookout for some other treats to try this holiday, and keen for some tips. Happy holidays!

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