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This Witcher 3 mod turns Geralt into Overwatch’s Genji

Genji of Rivia has arrived, thanks to this Witcher 3-Overwatch crossover mod

Game crossovers brought to life by mods and community creations are nothing new. League of Legends’ Akali has appeared in Risk of Rain 2, The Witcher has come to Skyrim, and Skyrim’s Dark Brotherhood has even popped up in Minecraft (well, sort of), for example. Now, another unlikely but intriguing match is possible, thanks to a new mod that lets Geralt become one of the best Overwatch characters.

HackerAxe’s aptly titled ‘Genji of Rivia’ mod lets you “bring your Genji obsession to the world of The Witcher 3”, adding a brand-new set of armour as well as swords “ported from Overwatch and gently polished for maximum immersion”, the creator explains. “It is time for Geralt to don the high-damage, sleek, and breathable armour of Genji Shimada – the green cyborg ninja dude from Overwatch!”

The mod’s armour is made up of “4K textured” components that have been tweaked just slightly to help them fit a little more seamlessly into The Witcher’s own world – though, given the RPG game’s fantasy-Renaissance-esque setting, the monster slayer’s probably still going to attract a few double glances from its townsfolk.

As you can see in the modder’s images, Genji-Geralt looks a little out-of-place in the cobbled streets of Novigrad – but also pretty stunning. The cyborg ninja’s silver and green-tinged armour gleams in the open-world game’s sunlight, and with those dual “Ryuuichi Moji” swords, he looks more than capable of taking out a Leshen or two.

It’s worth noting the modder advises you wear all of the pieces of armour together, rather than as separate parts – “Trust me… Geralt’s limbs start falling off if you don’t. Don’t put the poor Witcher through that,” they say. Gulp. There are also Enhanced Edition and base game versions, so be sure to pick up the right one for your game if you do decide to bring Genji of Rivia to The Witcher 3.

You can find the mod at Nexus Mods here if the idea of tackling the game’s various beasts and baddies as the shiny silver ninja sounds like your cup of tea. As ever, mod at your own risk – and do take a look at our rundown of the best Witcher 3 mods out there, too.