This Witcher 3 mod restores drowners to their E3 2014 style

A new mod "restores the drowners' look seen in the 2014 gameplay" with darker tones

Taking The Witcher 3 and tweaking parts of it to get it closer to the version of the RPG game shown at E3 2014 – the year before its launch – is something fans have had fun with for a while. Now, a modder has decided to target the game’s swampy zones (and its scaly inhabitants) to restore the game’s retro – well, pre-launch – look.

If you remember the gameplay shown on the floor at the 2014 videogame show, you’ll recall the swamp area and its peskiest beasties, drowners, had a bit of a different style compared to the versions that shipped with the final game (don’t worry, we’ve included it below if you need another look). The drowners in particular seemed to have had a darker, more muted colour to their scaly skins, making them blend more easily with the – equally darker – backdrop of the early demo’s misty swamps. The final ones in The Witcher 3 appear to have more brightly coloured skins than the demo’s, with stronger tones of pink and blue, and different textures overall.

Modder WT3WD’s new ‘E3 Drowners’ Witcher 3 mod uses “high-quality 3D models” to bring the critters closer to the E3 2014 gameplay versions, and the effect is noticeably different.

The modder is also working on restoring the swamp back to its older look, as they explain alongside a clip showcasing the changes in action (below), with a different tone to its sky and surroundings. This hasn’t been released as a mod as yet, though, as it’s still a work-in-progress. Take a look at the E3-style drowners and swamp below:

YouTube Thumbnail

And here’s that original E3 gameplay to jog your memory about the old-style drowners:

YouTube Thumbnail

If you’re keen to grab the pre-release style drowners for your game, you can find the mod at Nexus Mods here. We’ve also got a rundown of the best fantasy games on PC if you’re looking to take the fight to some more mythical monsters.