Filming on Netflix’s Witcher series has wrapped

The Witcher series one has just finished principal photography, and cast and crew have headed home

May 30, 2019 Filming on Netflix’s The Witcher series has wrapped.

Principal photography for the first season of Netflix’s upcoming Witcher series has just wrapped, according to series showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich on Twitter and Instagram. Plus, we may have just got a glimpse of the series’ logo.

Hissrich says “that’s a wrap on season one! I have enough gray hair to play Geralt now, but it’s been the best year of my life” on Twitter and “that’s a wrap on season one! So thrilled, so proud, so tired” on Instagram. This follows cast and crew members recently posting various telltale signs across social media. A wrap party of sorts was held April 24, and actors and directors now seem to have headed home from filming locations.

Redanian Intelligence, a blog dedicated to following the production of The Witcher series, confirmed today that the series was wrapped, following a post yesterday that included some cool on-set shots and other ‘last day’ signoffs. Most excitingly, it shows a painted Witcher wolf logo from the season one wrap party – maybe this is the one we’ll see in the finished show.


Adam Levy, who is portraying the Skellige druid Mousesack, previously posted a short video to Instagram from the wrap party, which was held at the Hotsy Totsy bar in Budapest. He said he was “celebrating the wrap of another chunk of this epic journey” in the caption.

Charlotte Brändström, who is directing two episodes in the season, posted a photo of Budapest from her seat on an airplane departing the city April 27, captioning the photo “Goodbye Budapest…” What’s left, then, is likely to be several months of post-production and marketing, as teams work on adding visual effects and hyping the show to potential audiences. Based on the kinds of creatures we’ve seen in the Witcher series of videogames, there’s probably quite a bit of work to do – you want those griffin feathers to glisten with the blood of its victims just so, after all.

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Netflix hasn’t announced a specific release date for The Witcher series yet, but we do know it’ll be sometime in late 2019. You’d better get started replaying the three games and catching up on Andzej Sapkowski’s original novels, then.