New trailer for This Is the Police 2 shows off turn-based tactics

This is the Police 2

A new trailer is out now for This Is the Police 2, demonstrating the game’s new tactical combat layer. 

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The first This Is the Police featured a certain amount of strategy, but it was in firmly in the management vein, giving you a roster of officers to manage and assign to various tasks. Now it seems you’ll be guiding your officers through XCOM-like turn-based combat encounters as well.

Publisher THQ Nordic say This Is the Police 2 will maintain the first game’s management and adventure elements, but that the new hands-on approach to combat reflects the sequel’s thematic shift from the big city to a rural sheriff’s department, where new sheriff Lilly Reid has to take a more hands-on approach. While your goal will generally be to arrest and detain suspects rather than killing them, THQ say circumstances won’t always make that possible. Combat is dangerous, too – there are no hit points, because here, bullets are understood to be lethal.

The Fargo-inspired This Is the Police 2 is due out later this year, and it’ll be available on Steam and GOG. It’s also launching on PS4, Xbox One, and the Switch.