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Steam’s best FPS just got quietly fixed, and it’s 90% off right now

Titanfall 2 multiplayer matchmaking is working once again, making it a great time to pick up the incredible FPS game for a massive 90% discount on Steam.

Titanfall 2 multiplayer fixed - Kuben Blisk, a mercenary pilot in the Respawn Entertainment FPS game.

Titanfall 2 is back. Respawn Entertainment’s beloved shooter, precursor to the massive Apex Legends and still arguably the best of the best FPS games on PC, Titanfall 2 multiplayer is once again playable after quiet fixes behind the scenes. On top of that, it’s also available dirt cheap with a massive Steam sale discount, meaning that if you still haven’t experienced its breathtaking campaign or its high-octane, best-in-class multiplayer now’s a great time to jump in.

Reddit user ‘GeckoEidechse,’ a member of the modding community that’s been keeping Titanfall 2 busy over recent years, reports that Titanfall 2’s multiplayer matchmaking, which has been broken for quite some time, is now fixed. They note that this is a fix that has come from Respawn directly, not the work of modders, meaning you’ll no longer be disconnected while trying to search for a match.

On top of this, further fixes have been made in recent weeks. This includes updates to the in-game featured playlist, changes to the weapon rotation in the Colosseum mode, and numerous fixes to popular out-of-bounds exploit spots. Notably, these fixes have in many cases been accompanied by the cheeky placement of a cup, hammer, and Nessie plush – the latter being the adorable Apex Legends mascot.

Titanfall 2 multiplayer fixed - Screenshot from Reddit user 'The__Imposter' showing a Nessie plush, cup, and hammer in a fixed out-of-bounds glitch spot.

“To be clear, this fix comes from within Respawn (or whoever is working on Titanfall 2 servers),” GeckoEidechse explains. Other players give their praise to ‘The Janitor,’ a long-time community joke about a mysterious figure at Respawn Entertainment who has taken it upon themselves to quietly maintain its seven-year-old shooter.

Those of you tempted to play following this news are in luck. Titanfall 2 is 90% off on Steam until Monday September 18, 2023. That means you can expect to pay just $2.99 / £2.49 – less than the price of a coffee for one of the finest games you’ll find. You can also access it via EA Play if you’re a subscriber to PC Game Pass or Game Pass Ultimate.

There’s another twist in the tale, however. As spotted by GamesRadar, recent patch notes for the current Apex Legends season, Resurrection, contain the following teaser: “Incoming Transmission… Subject: Nessie… 1394521200, 1477638000, 1549267200.” These three numbers are Unix timestamps for the release dates of Titanfall, Titanfall 2, and Apex Legends.

Quite what this means for the future is unclear – we’ve heard enough times that Titanfall 3 development was shut down in favor of creating Apex Legends. So don’t necessarily get your hopes up too much. It certainly seems, however, that Respawn is gearing up for an announcement of some sort – perhaps it could even be their next game in the Titanfall and Apex universe, whatever that might look like. We can only hope.

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For now, we’ll content ourselves with the best multiplayer games. If you fancy taking this opportunity to dive back into Titanfall 2, or to play it for the first time, our Titanfall 2 class guide will get you up to speed on what your options look like.

In-game screenshot shared to Reddit by user ‘The__Imposter.’