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Toilet Tower Defense codes July 2024 - free coins and more

Riffing on another stand-out trend of this year’s Roblox releases, these Toilet Tower Defense codes can help you flush down the competition.

A player character playing Toilet Tower Defense on Roblox.

June 16, 2024: We’re still looking around for Toilet Tower Defense codes.

What are the new Toilet Tower Defense codes? A sweeping success when it comes to on-trend releases on the Roblox platform, one of the best ways to keep up (or get started) in this massively popular TD game is to keep on top of the various codes that come and go. Awarding valuable coins and other items, they’re a great way to pull and upgrade the best units without spending a buck.

Known to bring in over 100k visitors even on the quietest of mid-week mornings, this Roblox game is only second to a few others. If you want to check out the competition, Blade Ball codes can help you cut through the rabble, Blox Fruits codes can get you the Beli you need for powerful fruits, and Tower Defense X codes can jumpstart your efforts in the newest trendy TD game.

Toilet Tower Defense codes

Here is every working Toilet Tower Defense code you can redeem in-game right now:

  • No Toilet Tower Defense codes are active right now. Check back soon.

Expired codes

  • CameraHeli
  • AutoSkip
  • SummonFix
  • SpeakerUpgrade
  • Parasites
  • PlzMythic
  • NewGifts
  • CoolScientist
  • YayMech
  • tysmforplaying

A screenshot from Toilet Tower Defense showing the potential code redeem method using a chat command.

How to redeem Toilet Tower Defense codes

Right now, there isn’t actually an officially documented way to redeem Toilet Tower Defense codes. There’s rumblings of typing /redeem followed by a working code in the chat box to claim any available freebies, but we haven’t had any success with that method.

It could be that there are just no working Toilet Tower Defense codes to use, which would make the command impossible to test. But with no pop-up claiming that a code has expired, we can’t confirm or deny whether a code is inactive or just unable to be redeemed using a chat command.

There’s every chance a proper code redeem method will be added in the future. It has happened before with a few other Roblox games.

Until that day arrives, you may want to avoid the chat command until there’s a confirmed working code available. Otherwise you risk spamming chat and being called out. Still, the potential rewards may be worth the risk.

How to get more Toilet Tower Defense codes

More Toilet Tower Defense codes would usually be posted on the game’s official Twitter and Discord channels. With the game not having a code redeem feature just yet, though, the popular method won’t work for the particular title.

As it stands, there isn’t even a single social page for the game. Patch logs and news posts are available to view in-game and on the Toilet Tower Defense game page. There’s every chance new codes will appear in those places if they ever do drop, though. They’re worth paying attention to. Just in case.

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