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The Division 2 open beta starts in March

It's officially going open

February 12, 2019 The Division 2 beta goes open on March 1.

Now that the private beta is at an end, Ubisoft has confirmed when to expect The Division 2 open beta. The beta runs from March 1 until March 4, and will be available across PC and consoles. That’s pretty much all Ubisoft is saying so far. More details will be released “soon,” but for now it seems likely that the content of this session will be broadly similar to that of the private beta.

The private beta featured two main missions, five side missions, and one of the three PvP Dark Zones, and it eventually expanded to include some broader pieces of late-game content, including an endgame mission.

We’ve got a pretty good look at what to expect from the game over the course of our preview sessions, and we’ve put together a Division 2 endgame progression guide to help you parse out what the title’s long-term play is going to look like. Similarly, we’ve got a big Division 2 interview that offers even more insight on what Ubisoft has planned for the title.

You can get more details on the game in our video feature below.

In short, there’s plenty of info for you to pore over heading into the The Division 2 release date.

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Check out The Division 2 system requirements if you’re looking for more details on whether your computer is up to the task of running the beta. The game is scheduled to launch in full on March 15.