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The Division 2 endgame progression: what to expect when you hit max level

Ubisoft is promising to put endgame first for The Division 2, here’s everything they have planned for when you reach the level cap

the division 2 endgame level

The Division 2 endgame is set to significantly expand upon that of the first game, offering players more more challenges, activities, PvP and PvE game modes, rewards for high level players, and skills after reaching max level.

From special weapons and class-like skill trees that will only unlock after the level cap, to cosmetics and challenging new content, Ubisoft and developer Massive Entertainment are bringing endgame content to the forefront of the upcoming tactical shooter.

The first Division was sorely lacking in this department for months after launch, leaving players with very little to do outside of the PvP Dark Zone once they had finished the campaign and hit max level. With two and a half years of post-launch support findings now under their belt, the endgame content for The Division 2 is shaping up to be drastically different from what was on offer in 2016.

There is also the added boon of all The Division 2 DLC for Year 1 being free, with regular content drops and world events scheduled throughout 2019, including raids, narrative episodes, and new game modes.

We’ve pored over all the latest details on The Division 2 endgame to create this one-stop roundup of what you can expect from the game upon reaching max level. Here’s everything you need to know about The Division 2 endgame.

the division 2 endgame classes

Endgame classes

In The Division 2, hitting endgame doesn’t just mean a relentless grind for gear with bigger numbers than what you currently have. Upon hitting max level you’ll be able to specialise across at least three classes, each with their own powerful class weapon that occupies a new weapon slot in your inventory. These endgame classes are called Specializations and three we know of at the moment are Demolitionist (grenade launcher), Sharpshooter (.50 cal sniper rifle), and Survivalist (explosive-tipped crossbow). In addition to these, another three Specializations will launch during The Division 2 Year 1 roadmap.

According to Massive Entertainment, the weapons are just the beginning of these The Division 2 Specializations. Better still, you can change Specialization at any time, meaning you’re free to experiment with each endgame class to find the one that suits your style of play. These Specializations also reward players with stat changes, a unique sidearm, and new skill and equipment options.

Endgame activities

Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment are yet to go into any specifics when it comes to what kinds of quests and activities will keep players happily slogging their way through The Division 2’s endgame, but there are a few things we know.

For starters, The Division 2 official website promises new coop missions, the return of PvP, and an official The Division 2 Clans system. Clan support also encompasses matchmaking for raids, so if you’re a solo player looking to experience endgame content like raids you can expect to be matched with players of a similar skill level.

On top of this we also know that there will be The Division 2 raids coming shortly after launch, which represent the pinnacle of endgame content. These eight-player raids are a first for The Division, and the first one to launch is set around Dulles International Airport.

The new Black Tusks faction is another way Massive Entertainment plan on fleshing out The Division 2’s endgame. This faction will only appear after you reach the endgame and will add invaded missions to your map, which essentially take a main mission and replace the enemies with ridiculously well-armoured goons – they have plenty of tech to combat your gadgetry.

In addition to this, you’ll have a total of 52 world bosses to fight across the endgame, plus Black Tusk-held strongholds to take back in order to progress to a new World Tier.

Massive Entertainment have been keen to point out that endgame isn’t just for the most hardcore players, but that those players will be catered for. One of the key ways this will present itself is in the Dark Zones, which will be normalised in The Division 2. This allows players who haven’t perfected their Agent build to do keep up with dedicated players in the game’s PvP space. For those hardcore players who want every detail of their build to matter, there’s the Occupied Dark Zone, which will shift between the three Dark Zones and will remove PvP limitations and gear normalisation.

When does The Division 2 endgame start?

This one’s simple: once you’ve completed the game’s main campaign and hit max rank (level 30) you’ll get the option to pick a Specialization. Everything after that point is endgame.

the division 2 endgame gear

Endgame cosmetics and gear

We’ve already seen plenty about The Division 2 brands, which are gear manufacturers that grant passive buffs, but these are not the same as The Division 2 gear sets, which return from the first Division game and act as a way to further perfect your Agent build in the endgame.

With regards to the cosmetic side of endgame gear, Massive Entertainment says it wants early and late game gear to reflect the character’s veteran status in the world. Late game gear will look more grizzled and represent the Agent’s transition from recently deployed to fully-fledged survivor.

That’s everything we know about The Division 2 endgame so far. We’ve got plenty more guides where that came from, including a look at the Outcasts, Hyenas, and True Sons factions. With The Division 2 release date just around the corner, you really can’t be too well prepared for the coming apocalypse.