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The Division 2 update 15.1 fixes the ‘donate all junk’ button

The Title Update 15.1 patch notes for The Division 2 say it will fix the broken 'donate all junk' button and pull some new exotics out of the general loot pool

Now that a new season of The Division 2 is underway, it’s time to double check and make sure all the bolts are tightened down. It turns out that the launch of Season 9 hasn’t come without its share of issues for the MMO game, but Ubisoft Massive has a hotfix planned that should iron out a few of the bugs. Among other things, Title Update 15.1 will fix the broken ‘donate all junk’ button, which should be a relief for compulsive scrap hoarders.

In the patch notes for Title Update 15.1, which is due out May 31, Ubisoft says the ‘donate all junk’ button should work as intended once the hotfix is deployed, “and should be giving the same number of materials regardless of the menu category.”

Some of the new exotics in Season 9 have found their way into the general loot pool, and that’s getting fixed as well. When the patch is deployed, the exotic marksman rifle Dread Edict, LMG Bluescreen, and Catharsis mask will be removed from the general loot pool and will no longer be obtainable from the exotic cache – you’ll have to earn them through the season 9 rewards track, or wait until the next season when they return to the general loot pool (as intended).

Speaking of Season 9, title update 15.1 swaps out some placeholder names for some of the premium cosmetic rewards for non-English languages. The team has also fixed the issue that caused only the session owner to receive the encryption key when completing a Manhunt as part of a group – you should find the key in your inventory when you resume your personal progression.

A couple bugs in the new Countdown mode have been fixed as well: you shouldn’t get stuck at 100% in the loading screen anymore, NPCs should stop spawning in the reactor once you’ve finished the activity, and Hunters should no longer be shown as Black Tusk operatives in the ‘inspect’ frame.