Total War Saga: Troy mod support “has been delayed by at least a month”

but the next DLC will be free for a limited time

The Total War series is known for its lively modding scene. Just recently, we’ve seen a Total War: Warhammer II mod that lets you play as any faction, including the rogue armies that wander around the map. The series even has mods planned that let it swallow up whole different game universes, like this one that gives The Witcher a grand strategy makeover.

Any talented tinkerers tentatively tapping out code for potential Total War Saga: Troy mods will have to wait a bit longer, however. Hot off the Achilles’ heels of the announcement of an upcoming Amazons DLC pack – which will be free for a limited time – comes the news that mod support for the Trojan strategy game will be delayed by “at least a month”.

The news comes from a tweet from Total War studio Creative Assembly, nestled under the much better news of the upcoming DLC. The planned lord pack will allow players to take control of Amazon heroes Hippolyta and her “fierce warrior-queen sister”, Penthesilea. This, alongside new mission chains, buildings, events, and faction mechanics.

Beyond this announcement, there’s no information on when we can expect to see mod support come to the game, but it sounds like it’ll be late October at the earliest.

Rich said in his Total War Saga: Troy review that the game “is the most beautiful Total War yet, and vies with Three Kingdoms for the best campaign layer”. High praise coming from the man who also called inspiring, handsome underdog Grom from Total War: Warhammer II’s The Warden and the Paunch DLC an “odious pub bore”.