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Here are Creative Assembly’s favourite Total War: Three Kingdoms mods so far

Total War: Three Kingdoms

July 5, 2019 The developers of Total War: Three Kingdoms run down their favourite mods so far.

Total War: Three Kingdoms mod tools officially launched yesterday, and there are already hundreds of options available on the Steam Workshop – certainly aided by the mod community’s support even before those tools became available. With so many mods already available, the developers themselves have picked a half-dozen favourites to help you decide what to download.

10 Turns Per Year does exactly what the title suggests – doubles the number of turns each year to extend your campaigns. There’s also a 15 Turns Per Year version to spread out those campaigns even longer. The Cinematic Campaign Overhaul will beautify your campaign map, including refreshed lighting, new camera angles, and less intrusive UI.

Sleeping Tiger of Tianshan is a new battle map featuring an elevated walled town surrounded by open fields and farmland – though there’s a forest that might help out plans for surprise attacks. Vandy’s Faction Unlocker lets you play as almost every faction on the world map right from 190 CE. The additional factions aren’t complete, but they will allow other modders to come in and fill in the blanks.


NDF: Ability Overhaul brings in new and reworked abilities, giving each class three actives and one passive, and it expands certain legendary characters even further.

For an even bigger change, Beneath a Red Sky collects a bunch of mods to completely overhaul the game’s battle systems. There are plenty of granular changes, but the broad effect is to make battles more reliant on fatigue and morale, so that battles have fewer casualties and earlier routs.

Creative Assembly says that the official tools will allow for mods including “unit reskins, balance tweaks, new battle maps,” – though no campaign battle maps – “scripted mods, new UI elements, new events, new characters, and much more.” The tools will include four applications for database editing, map creation, pack file compilations, and editing unit model collections.

In the official post, the developers warn that you should “refrain from creating mods that are designed to provoke, intimidate, or antagonise other groups, reference other IP, or create content of a sexual nature.” In a reply on Reddit, a CA rep explicitly calls out Dynasty Warriors mods as something that will get moderated, as characters from those games “have a distinct likeness.”

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If you want proper IP infringement and softcore pornography, you’ll likely have to look beyond the Steam Workshop – which always offers a more moderated selection of mods – to sites like Nexus Mods, which already hosts a big selection of modifications.

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