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Total Warhammer 3’s Ogre Legendary Lords show what peak Ogre performance looks like

Greasus Goldtooth and Skrag the Slaughterer both embody different ideals of Ogre culture

We’ve gotten sidelong looks at Total War: Warhammer III’s Ogre Kingdoms legendary lords to date, but now we’ve gotten proper introductions. Greasus Goldtooth and Skrag the Slaughterer will be leading the hungry lads into battle when the upcoming strategy game launches next year, and some new Total War blogs have the delicious details on the fearsome pair.

First up is Greasus Goldtooth, an ogre who revels in superlatives. According to the lore, Greasus assumed the title of overtyrant after making a stew out of his own father, an act he followed up by striking a plumb deal with Zhao Ming of Grand Cathay. The terms of the agreement gave Greasus control over the crucial Ivory Road trading route that passes through Ogre territory on its way between Cathay and the rest of the Old World.

Greasus became quite rich off this arrangement, but it wasn’t until he defeated the Black Orc Warlord Urk at the Fire Mouth that he was able to assert dominance over the rest of the Ogre tribes and become overtyrant – and he’s assumed several more big names over the course of his career.

Greasus looks a bit different in Total War: Warhammer III than he does in his tabletop model – notably, the swarm of gnoblars who’ve traditionally borne up his throne have been replaced with a pair of wheels and two gnoblar pushers. Lead writer Andy Hall explains this was done out of consideration for the animation team and memory budget, which would have had to handle some 200 individual gnoblar palanquin bearers.

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Skrag the Slaughterer forgoes such royal frippery altogether. He’s a wandering prophet whose life of service to the Great Maw compels him to constantly seek out fresh meat to throw into the cauldron he drags behind him.

The reason for this is due to an unfortunate incident with Skrag’s last tyrant, Bron Rockgrinder, to whom he had been pledged as slaughtermaster. Skrag, annoyed by the tyrant’s favourite gnoblar, finally had enough of the little pest and cooked it in a dish that he then served to Bron at a feast.

Bron wasn’t thrilled, and demonstrated his disapproval by cutting off Skrag’s hands and eating them. He had Skrag’s pot permanently attached to his back, and banished him from the tribe’s lands, sent to live beneath the mountain in caves haunted by ravenous gorgers.

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He emerged hungrier than ever, along with the gorgers who hadn’t been foolhardy enough to try to eat him. After taking gruesome revenge on Bron, he took to wandering the lands, following his visions and the call of the Great Maw. His butcher’s tools have replaced his stolen hands, and his head swims with powerful magic.

Both Greasus and Skrag will have their own Ogre Kingdoms campaigns and goals when the Total War: Warhammer III release date arrives early in the new year. The Ogre Kingdoms will be available as a playable faction for players who pre-order the game or buy it during its first week of sale. They’ll also be available as a separate DLC.