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This pet leopard gecko is now memorialized as a Total Warhammer unit

Trajann the leopard gecko passed away earlier this year, and his owner has made an awesome Total War: Warhammer III mod in his honor.

Losing a beloved pet is hard no matter what their species, and finding a suitable way to memorialize their impact on our lives can be difficult. One Total War Warhammer 3 modder decided to create a tribute to his departed pet gecko by turning him into a lizardman hero.

Trajann the Best Boy is a recruitable hero added to the strategy game with the mod “In Memory of a Dear Friend.” He is a “salamander of unknown origin,” who “came to be in a world of darkness, and has managed to become a light and hope for all.”

The modder, who also uses the name Trajann on the Steam Workshop, said that they didn’t consider game balance when selecting Trajann’s abilities. “I made his skills and abilities be things that I felt honoured and represented him, rather than having any sort of game balance,” they wrote on Total War: Warhammer 3 Workshop page. “His skills are silly and fun, because that was his personality. This isn’t some overpowered character, nor does it fit any sort of missing role in the roster. This is Trajann, my best friend. Everything about this mod is a tribute to him and his life, and serves as my way of saying goodbye.”

The whole page is an emotional read, especially if you’ve ever had to say goodbye to a pet. But the Trajann mod does seem to be a lot of fun to use, too. He unlocks a unique “Trajann’s Collar” accessory at rank 12 that grants fire, spell, and physical resistance. He buffs salamanders of razordons, and comes with a special dread saurian Regiment of Renown called, appropriately, Trajann’s Big Brother, which unlocks at rank 27.

“I wanted to give the feeling of Trajann being a real pet that you’re taking care of, and so many aspects of his skills/abilities represent that,” the modder writes. “Please, look after my friend. Treat him well, and give him all the love he deserves.”

They included some photos of the real-life Trajann among the screenshots for the mod, and he really was an adorable little guy. “He would have loved the attention,” the modder explains.

Trajann’s bereaved owner says they’ll be taking some time away from modding for the time being, and return after they’ve had some time to mourn.

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