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Tower of Fantasy battle pass: how to unlock merit points

The Tower of Fantasy battle pass is not as intuitive as it could be, so here’s a guide on how to progress and how to get merit points for the new anime game

So you want to know about the Tower of Fantasy battle pass? Tower of Fantasy – like all good gacha RPG games – has several layers of progression systems and opportunities for microtransactions. As well as a Genshin Impact-style banner system where you can pull Tower of Fantasy Simulacrums, there are events, achievements, level-up rewards, and all manner of ways in which to earn free stuff, including merit points.

Battle passes are an easy to understand version of modern microtransactions, but unfortunately the Tower of Fantasy Battle Pass is not as intuitive as you might hope. You can directly purchase levels using one of Tower of Fantasy’s many in-game currencies, but to advance through play requires a little bit of explanation. Read on to find out more on the battle pass and how to unlock merit points.

Tower of Fantasy battle pass screenshot

How to get merit points in Tower of Fantasy

The main way to progress the Tower of Fantasy battle pass is through merit points. The in-game text states that you earn merit “EXP” by “weekly activities to raise merit level”. What does this mean? Well, first off you need to go to your ‘adventure’ menu but you won’t have this unlocked right away. Play through the story until you return from Hykros and it will eventually become available to you.

One unlocked, a symbol will appear in between the shop and the wanderer’s log that looks like two swords crossed over, facing downwards. In this section are several tabs, one of which says ‘weekly’. You’ll be presented with a range of activities from signing in to opening chests or doing bounty missions. Doing these things doesn’t immediately grant you merit points though – you get ‘activity’ points instead which are tracked along the top of the weekly screen with a progress bar featuring numbered milestones.

As you accumulate activity points, you’ll reach these milestones. Once you do, you’ll get some goodies such as password chips for locked chests, weapon augment kits, and crucially, merit points. These points will be immediately applied to the battle pass, which is how you progress up the tiers

Purchasing battle pass levels

You can purchase individual battle pass levels easily using Dark Crystals, one of the in-game currencies in Tower of Fantasy. You can collect modest amounts of this currency through simply playing the game and the various events that run. You can also buy Dark Crystals using Light Crystals, which is another currency that you can only get by spending real money. You use Dark Crystals for a few things, of which advancing in the battle pass is just one of them.

There are also two different tiers of ‘advance’ pass available for purchase. The basic version simply unlocks the bottom row of battle pass rewards, but the more expensive version will give you a random free relic, some red-coloured nucleus (which will be needed for future special order banners) and some themed cosmetic gear based on Shirly’s character. You will also jump to level thirty instantly.

Current Tower of Fantasy battle pass

The current Tower of Fantasy battle pass has 180 levels. Rewards include, but are not limited to:

  • Gold Nuclei
  • Weapon level up materials
  • Relic shards
  • Dark Crystals
  • SR-tier gear

That’s everything you need to know about the Tower of Fantasy battle pass. For more guides on this new Genshin-style gacha game, check out our explainer for the Tower of Fantasy leveling system, because it’s not quite as straightforward as you’d hope. We also have a guide on the Tower of Fantasy system requirements, so you can find out if your PC can run the game. There are plenty of Tower of Fantasy characters to choose from, so if you’re looking to narrow down your selection, check out our Tower of Fantasy tier list for our top picks.