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Tower of Fantasy hack compensation is too “stingy,” fans say

A Tower of Fantasy hack left players without their hard-earned items, and despite Hotta Studio's compensation efforts fans of the anime RPG game aren't happy

Tower of Fantasy hack compensation is too "stingy", fans say: A slim anime woman with red hair and a cybernetic jumpsuit stands against a cyberpunk city backdrop

A Tower of Fantasy hack that saw players lose all of their items upon entering a party with the cheater saw an emergency server shutdown from Hotta Studio. Despite Hotta offering compensation, some fans of the anime RPG game remain sceptical of the free loot, claiming it isn’t quite up to scratch given the severity of the situation.

As a consolation for taking down the game’s servers, Hotta has offered players a free batch of Dark Crystals, one of the game’s highly coveted premium currencies. While offering any form of compensation is a lot more than some other games do, given the hack literally stole people’s entire inventories and caused general chaos, some players believe Hotta needs to do more.

“Tower of Fantasy is starting to get stingy I feel,” writes one fan on the game’s official subreddit. “200 Dark Crystals for a serious security issue.”

Another has attached the infamous flex tape meme, with the gushing water being “stolen loot, stolen account, no banned hackers, security issues” and the tape being “400 Dark Crystals compensation.” This refers to the server maintenance and hack compensation Crystals added together.

“A whole day missed for 200 DC, then the 200 DC for the servers going down for two hours, even that should show you it isn’t weighted properly,” comments one, while a final response reads, “feels like they’ve been doing that for every problem in the game.”

One fan does point out that Hotta “said it is going to handle players who lost items separately after investigation and will give compensation,” but the disruption caused by the hack was much wider than just the players who lost their gear. After all, servers going down does stilt player progress – especially ahead of the 2.0 update, which adds new Tower of Fantasy banners that players will want to start pulling on as soon as possible.

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