Tower of Fantasy hacks prompt “enormous amount” of new security

Tower of Fantasy hacks have tainted Hotta Studio's anime RPG game since its release, but coming into the Vera 2.0 update the devs are upping their security

Tower of Fantasy hacks prompt "enormous amount" of new security: A pink haired anime girl stands in a futuristic area using a computer than shows holograms of shapes

Tower of Fantasy hacks have, unfortunately, become all too common in Hotta Studio’s anime RPG game, prompting waves of emergency maintenance, compensation, and more. Ahead of the Vera 2.0 update the devs have confirmed they’re tightening up their security and clamping down on rule-breakers in attempt to make Aida a safer place.

Ahead of the Vera update, a particularly nasty hack that was used to steal players’ entire inventories forced the devs to pull down the servers. While the problem has since been solved and player compensation issued as a result, I asked the devs about how they’re looking to combat future game-breaking hacks.

Lead designer for Tower of Fantasy, Sky, told me that the recent incident (and other issues with cheating) has led to a real focus on player safety coming into the 2.0 update. “In version 2.0 we will keep enhancing the security of Tower of Fantasy, but we will also be more careful and complete in testing the game in advance to ensure the stability of the version.

“So, to clarify – we’ve done an enormous amount of work to ensure we are ready to provide a more stable version, protected from cheating,” they state. “But, of course, we will continue to carefully monitor all issues and concerns raised by our community, to make sure we are always ready to implement necessary updates and bug fixes.”

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They also confirm that, if things do go wrong, players will continue to receive free loot as an apology. “We will continue to follow our principles with fair compensations for players for all inconveniences,” Sky states.

As someone who has wiled away far too many hours exploring the vast open plains of Aida, it’s reassuring to hear that the devs have identified issues with the game’s security and are actively looking to address them. Hotta remains transparent about the game’s shortcomings, and that open communication channel is something I really value as a fan.

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