Tower of Fantasy queue times should be getting much shorter soon

Tower of Fantasy queue times are top on the list of issues Hotta Studio plans to address in the fantasy MMO, with server cap increases and more on the way

Tower of Fantasy queue times: A young girl with blond hair freefalls from the sky

Tower of Fantasy queue times are chief among the fixes Hotta Studio promised coming to the MMO game, the dev team announced in a new blog post. The team didn’t say when the changes would happen, aside from a rather vague mention that it would be “soon.” The news comes after the August 16 update already increased the cap and attempted to shorten queue times. Along with these shorter queue times, Hotta said they’ll be implementing another server cap increase and beginning to roll out the first rounds of bans and punishments to ne’er-do-wells. Tower of Fantasy cheaters, beware.

As for bugs that are already fixed, there aren’t many. The August 16 update provided compensation for purchases made when the user didn’t end up getting what they bought, and added a cooldown timer for chat emojis and text.

Tower of Fantasy suffered from long wait times when it first launched, though one week later, it seems like Hotta is gradually getting the issue under control. The topic pops up much less frequently on Reddit now than it did in the days following launch, though some issues, such as clipping through the ground, do seem to be persisting.

It’s all par for the course with the release of a new live-service game or major update, though, and it certainly hasn’t stopped people from watching Tower of Fantasy on Twitch, where the game rapidly surpassed Genshin Impact and even Fortnite.

Check out the full list of fixes and some new FAQs on the  dev blog.

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