Tower of Fantasy Twitch views soar past Genshin Impact and CoD

Tower of Fantasy on Twitch is becoming quite the success in its early days, with the RPG's viewing hours rising far beyond some of the most popular games

Tower of Fantasy Twitch: Two blonde women look thoughtfully away from each other

Hotta Studios’ new fantasy RPG Tower of Fantasy is making a splash with streamers, if Tower of Fantasy Twitch views in the past seven days are anything to go by. The Genshin Impact-style MMO game launched August 10 and has already accumulated over 8 million total viewing hours, pushing past Fortnite by 20,000 views as of August 15.That’s despite having almost a quarter of Fortnite’s total stream time. Tower of Fantasy has been streamed for 199,563 hours in five days, while Fortnite has been streamed almost 800,000 hours.

Meanwhile, Call of Duty: Warzone racked up 7,863,000 viewing hours across 504,000 hours streamed, while Genshin Impact has the comparatively low number of 2,244,000 hours, despite HoYoverse airing its 3.0 livestream during this period.

In short, people are watching a lot more Tower of Fantasy, though peak viewer count is closer than you might think. Tower of Fantasy peaked at 276,000 viewers, while Genshin Impact had over 530,000.

For context, Grand Theft Auto V still has over 30 million viewing hours.

Whether this is actually indicative of Tower of Fantasy’s popularity isn’t quite so clear. The practical explanation, especially considering the relatively low number of viewers, is that Hotta’s Twitch drops campaign worked. The allure of free materials in a gacha-style game is a powerful one indeed.

Tower of Fantasy is getting mixed reviews from critics and fans alike, though the general consensus on the game’s Reddit page is much more positive – if you can overlook the jank.

Meanwhile, Genshin Impact is about to get a significant new update with the Genshin Impact 3.0 patch on August 24, bringing with it new banners and more.

If you’re keen on continuing your Tower of Fantasy journey, our Tower of Fantasy tier list and vehicle list should help point you in the right direction.