New Tower of Fantasy updates will emphasize unique MMO features

New Tower of Fantasy updates will double down on what the devs think makes it unique, including MMO features and deep character customization

Tower of Fantasy MMO: Two young women stand in front of a ferris wheel

Upcoming Tower of Fantasy updates have a lot riding on their shoulders to help distinguish the RPG game from its competition. Hotta Studio billed it as an MMO, but whether from its traversal mechanics, open world, or gacha-style character system, the most common comparison people make about Tower of Fantasy is with HoYoverse’s Genshin Impact. Dmitrii Lazarev and Deniz Kirca with Tower of Fantasy publisher Level Infinite tell PCGamesN at Gamescom that players should remember the game has only been available in the West for about two weeks.

While Tower of Fantasy naturally has some aspects that everyone expects from an anime RPG, Lazarev and Kirca say the goal moving forward is focusing on what makes Hotta’s game unique: its MMO roots and deep character customization. What form that might take, they were a bit less forthcoming about, though it’s clear from the upcoming Tower of Fantasy 2.0 update that there’s plenty more in store for the game.

Tower of Fantasy 2.0 will double down on the world’s sci-fi themes with a cyberpunk city and the devastating effects from a radiation disaster, and the team said Ghost in the Shell and Bladerunner were their biggest inspirations in creating the upcoming content.

The new metropolis, Mirror City, sits smack in the middle of a massive pyramid in Tower of Fantasy’s vast new desert region inspired by the Gobi Desert. The neon lights and futuristic tech are the only brightness in this dark city, cut off as it is from the sun.

The desert is home to a terrifying new boss as well, Rudolph. It might not be the most intimidating name, but this Volt and Flame boss can quickly end your journey if you aren’t careful. Rudolph periodically overheats and boosts his power, but you can cool him down to create an opening for attack.

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[Additional reporting by Lauren Bergin]