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Destiny 2 Triumph-hunter shadowevil completes all active objectives

Destiny 2 Triumph-hunter shadowevil completed all active Triumphs in the game and shares why the Season of Plunder objectives were among the most challenging

Destiny 2 Triumph-hunter shadowevil completes all active objectives: An image of a proud Guardian surrounded by seals.

Destiny 2 Triumph-hunter shadowevil completed all active Triumphs in the popular FPS game, capping off a long and arduous but rewarding series of challenges that positions him among a few elite players who have completed the impressive feat.

Destiny 2 has hundreds of Triumphs, some of which include challenging achievements such as earning solo ‘Flawless’ distinctions on dungeons and ‘Flawless’ distinctions on raids. Flawless entails beating these activities, which are already some of the most difficult in the game, without dying. However, with hard work and the help of a solid fireteam, shadowevil was able to complete them all.

“I’d say the advice I can give to players would be to practise the loadout and mods. They are the most important component to solo flawlessing any piece of content,” he tells PCGamesN. “And for flawlessing raids, it just takes a competent team and the knowledge of the mechanic. My best advice would be to just take it slow and play super passively. There’s no wipe timer in dungeons so you don’t need to rush that much.”

Destiny 2 Triumph-hunter shadowevil completes all active objectives: shadowevil's screenshot showing all active Triumphs completed.

Although accounts vary on how many people have completed all active Triumphs, the one sure thing is that, at most, only a tiny fraction of the Destiny 2 player base has done so. shadowevil says he started his journey in season 15 and, from there, focused on completing the different challenges throughout the seasons as they became available.

Due to Destiny 2’s system of vaulting content, some Triumphs from past seasons and DLC packages are impossible to get. For example, any Triumphs that apply to areas removed from the game, such as Io, Mars, Mercury, and The Tangled Shore, cannot be achieved. However, completing all active Triumphs is still a massive accomplishment, as many involve a high level of skill and the willingness to grind activities that may initially be exciting but lose their lustre over time.

In a Reddit post displaying the Triumphs, which has more than one thousand upvotes, shadowevil shared that the Season of Plunder Triumphs are the ones that were almost too much for him. He notes that these Triumphs weren’t particularly challenging so much as they were tedious.

“It’s doing 150 emotes at the end of a seasonal activity, and 250 champions in an activity where you get somewhere from 0-2 on average, with a mechanic to get more if you delay the drilling. So it’s really more [a matter] of turning off your brain,” he says.

The seasonal activities take a minimum of 10 minutes each. shadowevil likely spent at least 250 hours completing the emoting activity alone, or the equivalent of more than ten days. Ultimately, he credits the completionist in him as the reason he sought to pursue all the active Triumphs.

He says that of all the Triumphs, he found the Stop Hitting Yourself Triumph from the Garden of Salvation to be the most challenging. The challenge involves defeating the Sanctified Mind boss after destroying 20 combatants with Vex Instantiation. It can prove difficult, as it can be frustrating to build and rebuild platforms following the raid’s mechanics.

shadowevil says it took him a lot of trial and error before he got it, noting that “you have to force delay the fight and prepare so much for it.”

Although shadowevil streams on Twitch and has an active YouTube channel, his content generally focuses on the games in the Borderlands series. According to his Twitch profile, he created the Unofficial Community Patch for Borderlands 2. Much of his YouTube content covers the Borderlands modding community.

As the Season of Plunder wraps up, players still have time to complete the seasonal Triumphs. However, those looking forward to the next season can check out our guides covering the Destiny season 19 release date and more, the Destiny 2 Lightfall release date, and the Destiny 2 Strand subclass guide to learn more about what’s to come.