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Twitch bans may soon come with explanatory video clips

A recent report says Twitch bans could include clips that illustrate the content that prompted the ban so streamers have a better understanding of what happened

Twitch bans: the Twitch 'glitch' logo on a purple and black background

Streaming service Twitch has found itself in uncharted waters over the past several years, as the platform has grown both in popularity and prominence. Whether it’s dealing with hot tubs or stump speeches, Twitch has frequently had to adapt old rules to new kinds of content – and the bans that result have sometimes been confusing. Now, the company is considering including clipped video when it issues bans, showing users exactly what it was that resulted in the sanctions.

Speaking to the Washington Post, Twitch VP of Trust and Safety Angela Hession says including clips of actionable behaviour is “a number-one ask from our community.” Hession says Twitch is looking at multiple ways to include more details about infractions in the emails it sends out to notify users of penalties, and that video is high on the list.

“We’re looking at how we can attach more details for people to understand – like the video itself,” Hession says. “That’s something we’re definitely working on.” She added that Twitch will provide more details and specifics about this once the company settles on how and when to introduce this new system.

The Post’s report also notes that Twitch is also conducting a review of some of the policies that have led to confusion and controversy, something it’s periodically had to do in response to, for example, certain prominent politicians using Twitch to rally supporters.

“That process of reevaluation with experts is constant for Twitch,” Hession says. “Our intention is to make sure that we are constantly ensuring that our community feels safe.”