How to get Two Point Campus Kudosh quickly

How to obtain Two Point Campus Kudosh quickly by completing challenges, as the currency is quite rare, along with what you can spend it on

Two Point Campus Kudosh guide

Looking to get Two Point Campus Kudosh quickly? This in-game currency can be obtained through completing objectives and career goals, and can be used to increase your Two Point Campus happiness, campus attractiveness, and how quickly your students learn new things. Sometimes objectives require items obtained using Kudosh, so it’s important to learn how to manage and earn this currency.

Although there are plenty of opportunities to spend your Kudosh, there aren’t as many ways to earn it. So, we’ve broken down how you can earn Kudosh in Two Point Campus and what you can spend it on. We also recommend keeping a little Kudosh tucked away in case you need it for a task later down the line.

How to earn Kudosh in Two Point Campus

  • Bookworms: Some bookworms found around campus provide small amounts of Kudosh, not enough to rave about, but it’s a fairly quick way to get this currency.
  • Research: Once you’ve unlocked the research lab, you can select projects that provide Kudosh; a nice and simple way to have this currency ticking along in the background.
  • Career Goals: By meeting your Career Goals, you can earn Kudosh, and the higher tiered goals provide even more Kudosh. It’s easy to monitor and currently the quickest way to earn Kudosh in Two Point Campus.
  • Star Objectives: By completing star objectives ranging from one to three stars, you’re rewarded with 100 to 250 Kudosh, depending on the star level of the objective.
  • End of Year awards: Although you can’t always aim to win these end of year awards, it’s a nice bonus if you pick up the best campus award, or teacher of the year award, and each award you do manage to win provides ten Kudosh.

Random events and objectives also crop up throughout the game providing small amounts of Kudosh, so it’s worth keeping an eye on these.

How to spend Kudosh in Two Point Campus

You can spend Kudosh to permanently unlock items, but you still need to purchase those items in the game. It’s worth prioritising function over style, so don’t blow your well earned – and rare – Kudosh on a brand new Crazy Taxi High Roller arcade cabinet like we did, oops. Kudosh also carries over into the next level, so you don’t need to worry about spending it all at once, quite the opposite, be a little stingy with spending your Kudosh unless you really have to.

Now you know how to earn Kudosh in Two Point Campus, here’s our Two Point Campus guide for beginners, as well as our Two Point Campus grades guide on how to improve your students’ average grades.