Ubisoft launches investigation into abuse within the company – “we must do better”

The publisher is committed to taking "any and all appropriate disciplinary action"

Ubisoft has released a statement on what the publisher intends to do about allegations of workplace harassment levied against staff at the company. In it, Ubisoft says an internal investigation is currently ongoing, as well as a review of the processes and protections already in place for those working there.

“We are dedicated to creating an inclusive and safe environment for our teams, players, and communities,” the statement reads. “It is clear we have fallen short of this in the past. We must do better.” According to the memo, investigations have begun in collaboration with “specialized external consultants”, with Ubisoft saying it’s committed to taking “any and all appropriate disciplinary action”. From there, the existing mandate regarding workplace behaviour is being audited for flaws and ways to improve the support for anyone harassed or abused by another team-member.

More information is set to arrive in the coming days, and Ubisoft reiterates its goal to “foster an environment that our employees, partners, and communities can be proud of – one that reflects our values and that is safe for everyone”.

Ubisoft’s proclamation comes as the games industry has seen a wave of allegations of sexual harassment, assault, and abuse. Ubisoft is but one company to have been affected – Chris Avellone has been removed from Dying Light 2 and Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 after being named by several women in allegations of inappropriate sexual behaviour.

More names are entering the discussion as victims continue to speak out. Twitch has said it’s “actively looking into” the streamers on its platform that have been accused of sexual harassment and misconduct.