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Ubisoft could be launching a rival to Origin Access and Xbox Game Pass

Evidence point to something called 'Ubisoft Pass Premium' has been pulled, but could point to a new subscription service

Ubisoft new logo

Ubisoft may be gearing up to release its very own subscription service. A placeholder for something called Ubisoft Pass Premium showed up on the Ubisoft store earlier this week, but was quickly taken down.

This being the internet, however, evidence of its existence was quick to resurface. A post on Resetera (via VG247) captured a picture of that placeholder. The only detail on offer is the name of the pass, but for a while after the original entry was pulled, the store played host to a category called ‘Ubisoft subscription’. At time of writing, however, that has also been taken down.

Ubisoft, of course, does not currently offer anything akin to a subscription service, but that’s very much what this appears to be. The suggestion, then, is that something similar to Origin Access is on the way, but the use of the word ‘premium’ could mean that there are multiple tiers available as part of this pass, each granting access to a different set of rewards.

Given Ubisoft’s apparent desire for new ways to present its games – the company has major ties to Google Stadia and the Epic Games store – I’m not too surprised by this new move. It’s an idea that I like the sound of, personally. Ubisoft now has quite the back catalogue, and even if this just provided a way to dip in and out of the Assassin’s Creed games without paying full price to add them to my pile of shame, it could be worth the price of entry.

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That said, we don’t know what that price will be just yet. Thankfully, we’re only a couple of weeks out from E3, so Ubisoft’s conference is likely to provide some answers. It should also offer some more details on the three unannounced games set to release before this time next year. Watch Dogs 3 and some new Splinter Cell, anyone?