How to get a V Rising horse and craft canteens for it

Getting your own V Rising horse will make unlife that much easier, so here’s everything you need to know about acquiring these excellent equines

Two vampires ride V Rising horses through farmland

Looking for a V Rising horse to call your own? This new open-world vampire survival game is already tearing up the Steam charts, but it can take a while to get around its vast wilderness, especially before you unlock all of the fast-travel options.

That’s where a V Rising horse comes in handy. If you’re in a V Rising server with other players who have been playing the game longer, you may have already seen them galloping around and looking smug, while you trudge through the forest on foot trying to avoid the sunlight. Horses are the only V Rising mounts available in the game right now, but you generally won’t find them in the Farbane Woods area, which is where everyone starts in this RPG game. But it’s worth trekking further afield before you start building a castle in V Rising, because horses are surprisingly easy to get hold of.

To help you achieve your equestrian dreams, we’ve rounded up some key tips on where to find a horse, how to mount it, and crucially, how to keep it alive.

Where to find a V Rising horse

The Dunley Farmlands has plenty of horses. Specifically, you can find horses in the Militia Encampments that sit on the two border crossings between Farbane and Dunley, but horses can also spawn in any area that’s setup like an actual farm. In this video from Gamers Heroes, for example, they find horses inside a stable. You can also find them out on the road next to carts. An easy way to tell if there are horses present is to go to the main map and look at the resources an area is supposed to have – a horseshoe icon denotes the presence of horses.

Now for the hard bit. To acquire a horse, you need to walk up to it and press F. Yep, it’s really not that tricky. Now you can canter around the fantasy world in style and at speed. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Provided you’re not carrying anything in your inventory, you can use the teleport waypoints while mounted
  • If you leave your horse outside your base, it will remain there until it either dies or is stolen by another player
  • If you die out in the world while on a horse, the horse will remain in place until you go back to retrieve it
  • We don’t recommend trying to fight while on horseback – it’s really fiddly

How to keep your horse alive

Like the V Rising Castle Heart, horses require resources to stay healthy. Specifically, you need to give it waterskins – or canteens – filled with water, which the horse will slowly consume over the course of a few hours. If you don’t keep your horse hydrated it will eventually lose health and perish.

How to craft canteens for your horse

Fortunately, you don’t need to head back to your V Rising base to make canteens – they can be crafted from the standard crafting tab, which is in your inventory screen. You need 20 plant fibres and four leather, and you can fill them with water from any lake.

Two players ride on V Rising horses through the wilderness

V Rising horse stats

Not all horses are created equal in this harsh world of vampires and not-vampires. When spawned, a horse will be given randomised values that denote its maximum speed, acceleration, and turning speed.

You can view a horse’s stats by looking at your inventory while mounted or near a horse. If you want to ensure you’re rocking a god tier set of calves, it might behove you to hop on a few different prissy clip-clops to check out how well they rolled.

That’s all you need to know about V Rising horses and mounts. You might want some V Rising leather and access to a whetstone by this point, so read up on our guides for those.