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V Rising patch notes - Gloomrot map release is finally here

Stunlock Studios has just released the V Rising Secrets of Gloomrot update, and we have the biggest highlights from the survival game's patch notes here.

New V Blood boss from V Rising's Secrets of Gloomrot

The long-awaited expansion to the indie survival game hit V Rising, Secrets of Gloomrot, is finally here and we cannot wait to rise from our dusty coffins to experience it. Stunlock Studios has released official patch notes alongside the free update, detailing all of the new additions and improvements.

From more general optimization to extensive castle crafting changes, Secrets of Gloomrot has brought so much more to V Rising than just its titular new map. To help you better understand the new features, we have tried to neatly compile all of the highlights for fans below.

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Castle building and territories

Some of the most anticipated changes are those affecting castle building and the territory claiming system. Here are some of the highlights.

Multiple floors

  • Players can now build staircases inside their castles, allowing players to have multiple floors
  • There can be up to three or four floors in areas with terrain height differences, but this server setting can be increased up to six floors
  • The world has been updated with new topology to support multiple floors

Territory system

  • Players no longer claim land by placing individual borders
  • Players claim the entirety of a region by placing your Castle Heart in the available space
  • Improved map UI to better display what areas are claimed and what areas are free

Stunlock Studios have also stated that this new territory system is set up so as to make future additional content more accessible. They wrote that the territories will “pave the way for a number of possible expansions/improvements for the future.”

Items and loot

Aside from castle building mechanics (multiple floors, etc.), Stunlock Studios has brought a variety of new furniture options and other items to V Rising. From garden plots to jewels, here are some of the highlights.

Decorating, furnishing, and gardening

  • Various crafting recipes have been changed
  • Select objects can now be dyed in different colors, including carpets, torches, windows, and more
  • Select objects will be modular allowing you to place one object atop another to fuse them, such as flowers, planters, trellises, and vases
  • Planting seeds now requires a growing plot, of which various styles are available for both interior and exterior use
  • Various new arches, doors, floors, furniture, gates, structures, and wallpapers have been added

New consumables

  • Barrel Disguise – Turn into a barrel to disguise yourself; trigger a barrel roll and stun any enemy hit depending on distance traveled
  • Dusk Caller –  Allows you to transport a charmed prisoner to an unoccupied prison cell within your realm
  • EMP – Allows you to disable electrical sources
  • Irradiant Gruel – Feed prisoners to boost blood quality with a chance to turn the prisoner into a mutant

Weapons and other loot

  • Various new material drops have been added, including new types of wood
  • Various items were removed (Clay Mold, Highland Lotus, Imperial Thread, and Iron Body)
  • Players may now find and craft Jewels, adding additional perks to a spell
  • Players may now find, craft and restore ancestral weapons using the Ancestral Forge
  • Players may now craft bags (limited to different categories of item) of various types allowing you to carry more items
  • The stacksize for several items has been updated with most items now having a higher stack size
  • The crafting and refinement time for several items has been reduced
  • Set Bonuses and Gear Level have been tweaked for some weapons and armor sets


  • Jewelcrafting Table has been renamed to Artisan Table for crafting Magic Sources
  • New Ancestral Forge has been added for restoring ancient legendary vampire weapons
  • New Leatherworking Station has been added for crafting bags and saddles
  • New Fabricator has been added for assembling materials


From an entirely new zone for Gloomrot split into two halves to various overhauls, this update sees V Rising’s map as it has never been before. Here are some of the highlighted changes.

Character from V Rising standing in the new Gloomrot map

Enemies and V Blood

  • All existing V Blood bosses have been overhauled
  • 13 new V Blood bosses
  • All existing spell schools have been overhauld
  • New spell school – Storm
  • New mutant blood type – 25-50% reduced blood drain, 10-25% increased all resistances, 10-20% increased speed while shapeshifted, 40% chance to convert the victim to a random mutant when using a bite, and boost all other effects by 30%
  • Item drops from V Blood bosses are now spread over a wider area to better distribute the loot between multiple players
  • All V Blood bosses now drop health orbs upon reaching 50% health
  • Vampire forms and powers overhauled

Existing map changes

  • Mount changes– players may now dominate a horse to turn it into a Vampire Horse, which does not require water, can be revived and recalled to your location, and has the ability to jump across objects
  • Cursed Forest, Dunley Farmlands, Farbane, Hallowed Mountains, and Silverlight Hills have all undergone overworld changes and been overhauled with new enemies, hazards and more

Gloomrot North

  • New level 74-83 biome
  • Adds new environmental hazard, Lightning Storm, in which lightning strikes down in the area dealing damage
  • Five new in-zone locations and two small locations
  • Ten times more castle territories
  • Three new V Blood bosses and various new mutated enemies

Gloomrot South

  • New level 58-60 biome
  • Four new in-zone locations and two small locations
  • 16 times more castle territories
  • Three new V Blood bosses and various new mutated enemies

PvP and servants

Trading hub from V Rising

  • Players can now abandon their castles which will put it in decay; useful when moving to new territory on servers with castle limitations
  • Players can now expose a castle for five minutes, leaving any other player to claim it while exposed
  • New castle raid feature known as Disable Defenses has been added
  • Servant missions require one less tier of gear to complete
  • Servant expertise affects health, damage, hunt proficiency, and loot
  • Servant panel has been overhauled
  • The number of prison cells a player may build is now limited to 16, but can be altered in server settings
  • Various servant missions have been updated with new loot
  • Various servant mission locations have been added

Our highlights are by no means 100% complete, but those were all of the big changes we think fans like us are looking out for. If you want to see the full notes in all of their glory, be sure to head to Stunlock Studios’ site here.

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