V Rising servants – type, factions, and gear

It's no use being a mighty vampire lord if you can't boss people around, so join us as we show you how to get your very own army of V Rising servants

A player strides past his V Rising servant, who bows as he passes

If you’re just starting out in this vampire game then you’ve probably seen the option to fill your base with V Rising servants coffins when interacting with your castle heart. Unfortunately, you’ll have to make a serious amount of progress through the main questline in order to craft them, and then get even further to fill your coffins with enthralled humans. The good news is that despite the process being a bit long-winded, it’s definitely worth it as you can build an army of nine V Rising servants to head out into the world and plunder on your behalf.

Better still, no two V Rising servants are likely to be the same, so even when you’ve got some mindless minions under your spell, there’s plenty more work to be done if you want to make them into a formidable fighting force.

To help you get started on your path to V Rising server domination, we’ve assembled everything you need to know about recruiting V Rising servants, as well as some information on the different types of servants and how to improve them.

How to get V Rising servants

To get thralls you’ll need to keep working through the main questline until you’re on a quest called Army of Darkness. This quest tasks you with using the Dominating Presence ability to force a human back to your V Rising castle. Once there, you’ll need to put them into a servant’s coffin. You will already have the ability to build servant’s coffins by this point in the survival game, but remember that you need 16 planks, eight copper bars, and one greater blood essence to craft them. You can only place the maximum of nine servants coffins if you’ve fully upgraded your castle heart.

V Rising servant types and factions

The backgrounds of the servants you collect in V Rising matters a lot. Humans can have a handful of different V Rising blood types, and each one has a list of perks associated with it depending on the quality of your servant’s blood. Warrior units will have the warrior blood type, for example, but a higher blood quality will come with more passive buffs.

Servants also have a faction, which is largely decided by where you pluck them from and what their job is. You’ll find the details on their character sheet, represented as ‘perks’.

V Rising servant gear

The last factor you can influence for your servants is what gear they have. Why traipse around with an army of barely clothed servants when you can give them all of your old, tatty armour instead? Keep all your old gear and give it to your servants so you can send them on more dangerous missions. You can even grab the V Rising whetstone recipe to craft some valuable gear for your thralls.

And there you have it, a quick rundown of how to enlist V Rising servants. We’ve got more V Rising tips, such how to make V Rising leather and how to grab your very own V Rising horse if you’re still new to the game.