Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will get another big patch next week

A hotfix rolled out today for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla on some platforms, but the bigger news is that another major patch, in the form of a title update, is on schedule for next week, Ubisoft said.

Today’s hotfix addresses a fairly urgent issue: it seems some players (Ubisoft isn’t clear on which platforms were impacted) had been unable to use fast travel since the 1.0.4 update, which came out November 25. However, in the tweet announcing the hotfix, Ubisoft says “we can also confirm that our next Title Update will be available next week” and thanked players for their patience.

The last patch for Valhalla made a host of fixes to Ubisoft’s new Viking game, addressing issues like levitating doggos and RAM leaks. Update 1.0.4 also was meant to make NPCs get cross with you if you took their things, although anecdotally that still hasn’t slowed down our habit for automatically thieving anything that isn’t nailed down. The patch also included a round of stability improvements and save game fixes, making local and cloud saves more distinct from each other.

The trouble is, that update and some of the hotfixes have frustrated players by removing inventory items they’ve spent time working to gain. Since Update 1.0.4 removed duplicate items from Eivor’s inventory, some players have felt they’ve been left without rewards for certain activities.

There have been other issues as well, such as fast travel being disabled – which fortunately, today’s hotfix has addressed. But players are hopeful that the next Title Update includes fixes to several activities and mysteries that can currently be impossible to complete due to bugs, or a glitch that causes Eivor to unexpectedly die for no reason while riding a horse.

Ubisoft hasn’t yet shared any details about what we can expect in the next title update for Valhalla, so we’ll have to hang tight until next week.

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