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Valheim’s Hearth and Home update will add more options for gold hoarders

The next big update for Valheim will let you show off all those fat stacks of treasure

If you’ve been playing the Viking sandbox game Valheim for a while, chances are you’ve amassed a good bit of gold in your travels. When the Hearth and Home release date arrives, you’ll finally be able to show off all that loot – the update will be adding a bunch of new features that let you flaunt your wealth like a Norse Scrooge McDuck.

In the latest Valheim monthly development update, Iron Gate provides a peek at the new gold hoarding features coming to the survival game in the months ahead. Gold coins will be able to be placed in the new coin stack and coin pile, which glitter invitingly wherever they’re placed. There’s also a new treasure chest on the way, where you’ll be able to store valuable items and supplies.

All this filthy lucre needs to be secured, of course, and so Iron Gate is adding a new iron grate to build as a doorway into your treasure chamber. That way, visitors to your extremely fancy fortress will be able to look, but not touch. Iron Gate suggests you may even consider building cells to lock up captured greydwarfs, but we can’t recommend this kind of cruel behaviour.

The studio also says it’s brought a new programmer, an animator, and a quality assurance manager onto the Valheim development team, so we’ll likely see the fruits of their efforts when the Hearth and Home update arrives in the fall.