Valheim Mistlands update arrives with a cool animated trailer

The Valheim Mistlands update has finally rolled out, and it's come with a sweet new animated trailer that sets the stage for the many adventures ahead

Valheim Mistlands update: Two adventurers with glowing blue eyes look into the distance, with purple clouds highlighted by the setting sun in the sky behind them

At long last, the Valheim Mistlands update is here, and it’s dropped alongside an impressive animated trailer that sets the mood for what’s ahead in the Viking survival game.

Mistlands has been available for a while on the Valheim public test server, and as our Mistlands preview explains, it’s a beautiful and dangerous new biome full of peaks to scale and new threats to defeat. The mists shroud everything, but fortunately, you’ll have a friendly ‘bound wisp’ nearby to act as a fog-clearing headlamp.

The wisp makes an appearance in the Mistlands trailer, too, which you can watch here.

YouTube Thumbnail

As the Mistlands patch notes explain, the update adds the new biome and mechanics, nine new creatures, a new boss, more than 20 new crafting ingredients, two new crafting stations and three extensions, 15 new food items, three new potions, more than 35 new building components and pieces of furniture, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Okay, so there’s no partridge, but there is a new dungeon type, new lore stones, new dreams, and new music. Fishing has been updated, there are 12 new emotes, nine new hairstyles and seven new beards, and some festive Yule seasonal items that have been enabled for the holiday.

Our guide to the Valheim Mistlands will give you an idea of what you’re in for, but also check out our Valheim building guide and Valheim progression guide – you’ll want to prepare before heading into this hazardous new area.