Valheim update brings a new and improved stacking feature

Valheim patch notes for the survival game's 0.217.13 public test update are here, with Iron Gate Studio implementing a better item stacking feature.

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Valheim has stood the test of time as a fun survival game to always go back to, with a unique Viking setting and whimsical yet punishing gameplay. Iron Gate Studio continues to regularly update the game, making changes to its public test branch before implementing them in the full-release version of Valheim so as to see what players think about them. The latest public test update has just dropped, bringing the branch to 0.217.13, and it comes with bug fixes and an especially useful new feature.

The Valheim patch notes reveal a few interesting additions, such as an increased chance of certain enemies spawning and various issue resolutions. The most significant feature added with the update is the re-implementation of the ‘quick stack all’ hotkey. The public test branch of Valheim now lets you use the hotkey again, this time to open the chest, stack items as you please, and then close the chest.

Valheim’s lead designer made a post accompanying the new feature, expressing how pleased he is “to say that a new and improved stack all hotkey is now released.” The designer noted how much “better” the new hotkey should feel, writing that, “One simple long key press will open the chest, stack items, and then close it.”

This is one feature included with an update I’m especially happy to hear about, especially following the previous public test branch patch. As the Iron Gate Studio revealed, “After the last PTB patch a lot of you were upset that we did some changes to the newly added quick-stack function.” Before detailing all of the other changes, the dev went on to declare, “Hopefully this is a change that will make most of you happy.”

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Valheim patch notes –0.217.13 public test update – Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Changes and fixes

  • ‘Quick stack all’ hotkey was added again by holding the use key when opening chests (The chest will now open so you can see what is being moved, and then close if you keep holding the key)
  • Increased the chance of starred Fulings to spawn inside Sealed Tower
    Fixed the R-stick shortcut for the Stack All button while you are browsing the player inventory
  • Fixed an issue where the error “can’t add component to Terrain” was filling the player log
  • Precision placement of build pieces changed to only show when holding ctrl
  • Fix exception thrown when compressing modifier data of world with an unmodified preset set
Those are the latest Valheim patch notes for the public test branch update, 0.217.13. If you want to have a look through Iron Gate Studio’s full list of adjustments, you can do so on Steam for a more detailed understanding of the gameplay changes and bug fixes.
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