Valheim patch makes trolls more wobbly when they’re hit

The latest update for Viking survival game Valheim makes trolls more responsive to violence and makes recovering your inventory easier

Trolls in Valheim should take a bit more notice when you clobber them, thanks to the latest patch for the lo-fi survival game. The latest Valheim patch includes adjustments to troll behaviour to make them stagger correctly when they’re hit. The hotfix, patch 0.208.1, also makes a variety of nice quality of life changes that should make recovering your lost gear a bit less frustrating, too.

Developer Iron Gate says it has taken the step of “reminding the trolls that they should in fact get staggered” when adventurers smack them with something heavy. “Not so fun for them, but fun for you!” the studio points out reassuringly. This ought to at least make trolls a bit more manageable – they won’t be shrugging off hard hits quite as often, anyway.

Another nice fix in this update is a change to the way your inventory is handled when you reclaim your tombstone after being unceremoniously killed (possibly by a troll). The latest patch makes it so your recovered inventory items will automatically stack with anything you’re currently carrying, rather than requiring free slots for each item picked up.

Apart from these, the rest of the notes pertain to small but impactful changes that either address bugs or streamline the user experience – there’s not any big new content in this update, but Iron Gate says it’s more meant to “make your gameplay experience a bit smoother”.

For example, if you’re playing on a gamepad, you won’t automatically buy twice from traders anymore, and there are some new keyboard and gamepad hints to help you out in the inventory screen.


We’re hoping to see the Mistlands update for Valheim before the end of this year, but you can check back on the Valheim roadmap for any updates to the timeline for the next major content patch.