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Valheim update saves your lost keybinds and resolves crafting bug

The latest Valheim Hildir update is out on the public test server, and Iron Gate’s patch notes 0.217.20 include fixes for lost keybinds and crafting stations.

Valheim Hildir update 0.217.20 patch notes - A figure with a beard and dark coat in the Viking co-op survival game.

Valheim has given players plenty of reasons to come back lately, with the Valheim Hildir update providing a good opportunity to jump back into the Viking co-op survival game while we await more details on what the Valheim Ashlands will look like. Following an update to servers earlier in the week, developer Iron Gate Studio delivers a fresh set of Valheim patch notes, this time resolving issues with crafting stations and keybinds.

This latest Valheim patch changes the connection panel, making it easier to parse if you’re taking advantage of the new Valheim server modifiers introduced with the previous update. It also fixes a rather prominent bug in the survival game which was causing keyboard and mouse keybinds to not correctly save or load – something that might seem minor to some, but is a notable source of frustration for people like myself who like to tweak their controls to their liking.

The crafting station bug preventing extensions from updating has also been resolved, user profile pictures should now work correctly when playing with people on other platforms, and the new blue standing brazier added in the previous patch is now actually blue.

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Valheim patch notes – 0.217.20 public test update – Friday, September 22, 2023

Here are the full Valheim patch notes for the latest update, courtesy of developer Iron Gate Studio.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed a bug that caused keyboard and mouse keybinds to not load/save properly.
  • Blue standing brazier point light is now blue.
  • Fixed bold tombstone text.
  • Connection panel (f2 menu) can now be read easier.
  • Map text input field will now exit when players click/drag on the map.
  • Fixed input focus loss when filtering server list.
  • ‘Hide UI’ function is now working again for controller console layout 2.
  • Cross-platform user profile pictures fixed.
  • Fixed compendium navigation with fast interaction.
  • Fixed server filter when virtual keyboard is closed.
  • Fix crafting station only updating its extensions for the first time after the update interval has passed.
  • Fixed a bug where the item tooltip overlay could show up over compendium menu.

Those of you running a server will want to keep a close eye on all the Valheim console commands you can use to tweak your game. For even more ways to enhance your next playthrough, have a look through the best Valheim mods for everything from minor quality-of-life improvements to new weapons and equipment.