Valheim dev teases vehicle mechanics for Viking survival game

A Valheim update from one of its lead developers shows off several mechanical components that might be used to build vehicles in the co-op Viking survival game.

A new Valheim update from the game’s lead artist teases off some very exciting potential additions to the Viking co-op survival game. Robin ‘Grimmcore’ Eyre shows off some mechanical components including gears and wheels that, if integrated, could open up the potential for Valheim vehicles or perhaps even other systems such as drawbridges in a future update.

Eyre shares the tantalising image on Twitter with a direct mention of the official Valheim Twitter account, saying, “Hehe… I’m making something… hehe (may or may not get implemented into Valheim)” The image includes what appears to be a more high-spec version of the Valheim cart with a large chest atop it, two long, reinforced wooden beams, a pair of gears, a pair of spoked wheels, and a Valheim Obliterator.

Quite how these might be used is left somewhat up to interpretation, but the most immediate thought is some manner of powered vehicle. The presence of the Obliterator – a tool that uses lightning to burn other objects into coal – suggests we could perhaps be looking at a machine that could use coal for transportation purposes.

Responding to a query about the potential for a “fueled version” Eyre teases, “The prototype is up and running, fueled and working.” Obviously this would be a pretty dramatic addition to the world of Valheim, although after the magical tools added in the Valheim Mistlands update I suppose almost anything could potentially be justified in some manner.

Valheim vehicle tease - an image shared by developer Robin 'Grimmcore' Eyre featuring a reinforced cart, two lumber beams, two cogs, two wheels, and an Obliterator furnace

Other players are simply excited for the potential to use more mechanical tools in their Valheim builds, with several suggesting that the gears could be used to create a drawbridge. Another reply to Eyre’s tweet remarks on a regular commenter who has been asking for a bicycle, joking that they’re “going to be very excited.”

Of course, this is all hypothetical at this point – so don’t get your hopes up too high yet. But sharing these tools on Twitter is certain to get the community talking. Whatever the actual outcome, it’s likely that we’ll see some form of these new designs make their way into the full game in the future.

For now, the best Valheim mods give you plenty of new ways to exercise your creativity in one of the most fun co-op games on PC. If you prefer to stick to the vanilla Viking experience, we’ve got all the Valheim console commands and cheats you can make use of to take your server to the next level.