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Aquarium teaser ignites new Valorant map hopes

Is a new Valorant map being teased by Riot Games? The mysterious Valorant Aquarium week teaser doesn't show much, but maybe points towards an Omen theory

Is this octopus Omen? A Valorant Aquarium tease has a lot of rumours flying

Is developer Riot Games teasing the next Valorant map reveal? That’s what fans seem to think about the new Valorant Aquarium teaser the developer posted today, which may also point towards a fan theory about one of the most mysterious characters in the multiplayer game.

The official Valorant Twitter account today revealed a new teaser for the FPS game. “Something special’s bubbling up in Valorant,” Riot promises. “Get ready for Aquarium week.” There are no further details about when exactly this Aquarium week will be or what it will include.

Fans are already leaping to the conclusion that the reveal of the game’s new map is imminent – the first one since Fracture was released back in September 2021, alongside update 3.05. Eight months later, we’re now on update 4.09, so a new map is probably long overdue. There are a lot of leaks and rumours regarding it being set in Lisbon, Portugal, but the teaser does point towards a fan theory regarding Valorant agent Omen.

Omen has long been theorised to be an octopus in disguise, which Riot has sort of denied. However, the octopus in the centre of the Aquarium tease clearly has Omen’s distinctive three-eyed mask patterned on its head, so we don’t know what to believe now.

Hopefully, we’ll find out soon what this Aquarium week tease is all about. New Valorant classes aren’t off the table, according to Riot, so it may even have something to do with that.