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Valorant Champions 2022 dominated by Chamber, Fade meta

Valorant Champions 2022, one of the biggest annual Valorant events, has seen agents Chamber and Fade picked in nearly every single match of the tournament

Chamber is the focus of the Valorant 4.09 patch notes

Valorant Champions 2022 has been an incredibly exciting event to watch for Valorant fans everywhere. Riot Games’ premiere FPS game has taken the competitive space by storm, becoming one of the most popular shooting games on the market. Despite the small number of new agents released since the beta, two of the most recently released characters are completely dominating the Valorant Champions tournament.

Reddit user Whytro shared stats showing agent pick rates for the tournament. Thus far, Chamber has been by far the most popular agent selected at 67.35%, over 13% points ahead of the second-place agent Fade, who sits at a 54.08% pick rate. These two agents are the only characters with above a 50% pick rate at the event.

Chamber has been a massively popular Sentinel since he was first released with patch 3.10 back in November 2021. The French deadeye is often picked for his incredibly powerful Rendezvous ability, which allows him to instantly teleport to one of the anchors he places on the ground. He also has one of the most overpowering ultimate abilities in the game with Tour De Force, which allows him to summon a custom sniper rifle that’s one shot, one kill.

Fade is the most recent Agent added to Valorant with patch 4.08, and quickly has become a favorite for many pros as well as casual players. As an Initiator, she is one of the most useful kits in the game. Her signature ability, Haunt, can give teammates vision in a massive radius. She also can help quickly wipe out an enemy team with her ultimate, Nightfall, which launches a massive wave in a specific direction leaving enemy agents deafened, decayed, and leaving terror trails behind.

As teams continue to duke it out for the coveted VCT trophy, there’ll no doubt be more teams that continue to select Chamber and Fade.