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Valorant Fade update: patch notes arrive for Episode 4 Act 3

Valorant's Fade update is now live, though Riot Games may have posted the 4.08 patch notes on one of the FPS game's foreign-language websites early

Valorant fade agent update patch notes: Neon grabs a mic and sings against a backdrop of lights

The Valorant 4.08 patch notes are now officially here. We had a sense of what the Fade update entailed as fans wasted little time sharing all the details of the new Valorant patch on Reddit after they appeared on FPS game’s Taiwanese website.

While we’ve heard plenty about the upcoming changes to Sova and Jett, we now know that Neon is getting some tweaks, too. Riot is making Neon’s sliding abilities smoother to use, though the change catching everyone’s attention is that her Fast Lane ability no longer hurts teammates. Fast Lane functions as a vision blocking manoeuvre that damages everyone aside from Neon, including your team, if you’ve been out of the loop. We’ve some amusing goofs because of that in professional play, so the changes are probably for the best.

Riot is also boosting the battery energy received from killing an enemy to 100% from 25%. When it comes to High Gear, Neon can now slide sideways and forward – just make sure that she is moving. Energy drain has also been increased to ten seconds from 6.7, and velocity restriction has been removed. Oh, and you can’t slide during equip delay.

You’ve also got the previously reported changes to Jett and Sova. Riot is tweaking Jett’s Tailwind ability to ensure that players can’t dash away from tricky situations for free. Soon, you’ll need to be more mindful of your pushes.

On the other hand, Sova won’t deal as much damage when using shock darts and they will only be able to use their Owl Drone for seven seconds instead of ten. Additionally, the drone now has less health and will only ping two enemies instead of three. You’ve also got some quality-of-life changes to animations, though they’ve changed already due to public feedback.

Finally, the big addition of Valorant’s 4.08 patch is the new agent Fade. The Turkish bounty hunter is a recon agent who will vie with Sova for dominance in the meta. She can toss an orb forward to reveal enemy positions, trap enemies with that orb by detonating it, and send nightmarish beasts to chase people around each map – scary stuff.

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If you’re curious, you can find all the Valorant Fade abilities at the link. The patch is due to go live today, so you’ll be able to try this all out soon enough.