Valorant Fracture easter egg honours wild crashies VCT ace

A new Valorant Fracture easter egg pays tribute to OpTic Gaming's Austin 'crashies' Roberts, who got an awesome ace on the map in the FPS game's VCT tournament

Valorant Fracture easter egg pays tribute to crashies VCT ace: A robot with glowing blue lights runs at the camera with gun ready

A new Valorant Fracture easter egg is a throwback to OpTic Gaming’s crashies, who scored an insane zipwire ace during their VCT game against APAC’s Boom Esports in the FPS game‘s esports circuit.

As Boom move to rotate, we see all five players jump onto the zipline, scooting over to attempt a hit from the far side of the map. Crashies, however, has holed up by A Dish, and picks every member of the squad off as they zip across, easily shooting fish in a barrel.

Equal parts genius and hilarious, the play is really quite something, and has gone down in history as one of VCT’s wildest plays, but it turns out Riot has also decided to immortalise it with a new Fracture easter egg.

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A never-seen-before email found on one of Fracture’s PCs reads “after a recent tragedy resulting in the fatality of five of our Everett-Lind personnel, we are taking a moment to remind everyone that ziplines are for SINGLE RIDERS ONLY. Your safety is our top priority, but in order to ensure it, safety regulations must be adhered to.”

This fun little easter egg was likely added during alongside the new Valorant patch notes for the 5.07 update, which rejigged Fracture and appears to have added some sneaky little lore nuggets, too. You can see its exact location in the image below, but given it’s in defender side spawn you can’t miss it.

Valorant Fracture Easter Egg pays tribute to crashies ace: Agent Neon looks at a computer desk covered in grass holding a switch knife

Crashies promptly shared this, writing “thank you Valorant for the tribute,” to which the devs reply “your safety is our top priority!”

This isn’t the first time Riot has added a cheeky little throw away to real-life events. Twitch behemoth Sykkuno also has a spray named in his honour, as he mistook a very bare-bones in-game graffiti drawing of a dog for a lobster. Much to his (and the community’s) delight, a spray cosmetic inspired by said mysterious creature was later added in one of the battle passes, aptly entitled ‘Lobster?’

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