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Pesky Valorant bug means Gekko can run but he can’t hide

A Valorant Gekko bug is making the FPS game's new initiator agent appear on the opposing team's minimap, meaning you can track him throughout the whole match.

Pesky Valorant bug means Gekko can run but he can't hide: A Latino man with bright green short hair stands looking at a small yellow slime creature on his shoulder

Despite having been out for less than 24 hours, a Valorant Gekko bug means that the FPS game‘s new initiator is showing up on both his allied and enemy team’s maps, making him a pretty juicy target for bloodthirsty opponents.

In our exclusive preview of new Valorant agent Gekko, we described him as being “OP but not in a good way.” If you too have been at the mercy of his powerful Moshpit grenade, fortunately it looks like a nasty little bug has sought revenge in your stead.

As spotted by ‘BeastPK,’ as soon as the match begins the enemy Gekko’s icon appears on the map, showing that he’s hiding up at the back of Split’s A Rafters.

The icon remains there throughout the duration of the round, which leads to the poor Gekko getting piled upon and quickly dropped by a perfectly placed Raze grenade.

The video was quickly uploaded to the competitive Valorant subreddit, prompting a response from agent and game designer ‘Penguin,’ who writes, “alerted the proper QA authorities, thanks for the report!”

Another player mentions that this has apparently been happening to a few other agents, too, showing off a video where the enemy Skye also randomly appeared on the minimap. Some say that the bug has existed for a while, although claim that it’s “rare,” but with Gekko’s release it has clearly managed to resurface.

Whether it’s old or new, this bug clearly needs to be dealt with. It gives the enemy team a huge advantage, and makes the game completely unfair. Given Riot has noticed it, hopefully we see some sort of fix come through as soon as possible – after all, if you’re looking to grind the Valorant Episode 6 Act 2 battle pass, this is going to make scoring XP a lot harder.

It will also make climbing the Valorant ranks tougher, too, so I’d suggest locking in one of the best Valorant crosshairs ahead of time to make sure your weapon skills are at their best.