IRL Valorant fist bump gun buddy makes other FPS fans jealous

The Valorant fist bump gun buddy is one of the FPS game's most highly prized cosmetics, so one fan has created the iconic Riot Games logo out of tin to get one

IRL Valorant fist bump gun buddy makes other FPS fans jealous: A charm with a first bump in the middle on an aquarium backdrop

Valorant players are all about their pricey and lavish in-game cosmetics but, while money can buy you whatever you want in Riot’s FPS game, the most sought-after item is priceless: Riot Games’ fist bump gun buddy. It’s a unique and incalculable item on which only the worthy can get their hands. Unfortunately, Riot Games can’t find every single wholesome player to bestow them with a fist bump, so this one went ahead and created their own.

Kirya’s charm is exactly like Riot’s, except it’s completely real. Created with scrap material and plaster, some may even think that real-life gun buddy looks better than the in-game version.

Kirya’s fist bump buddy is made out of tin and plaster. With the help of in-game measurements, the player deduced the rough size of a real-life charm. After getting the size down, Kirya kneaded a mold of plaster of every small detail on the coveted keychain. From the bump to Valorant’s logo, everything was taken into consideration. But that was likely the easier part of the lengthy process.

Melting tin and pouring it right was the trickiest, according to Kirya. The artist then tossed the melted material into the mold, then dried it into the perfect shape. Separate pieces of the gun buddy were then glued together and transformed into the final product. After applying the primer, the product was dipped in Valorant’s iconic red and black paint, completing the 3D fist bump buddy.

The tiny gun charm required tons of effort and finesse, which is why the Valorant community is now trying to get Riot to notice this piece of art to reward Kirya with a virtual gun buddy. Of course, the developer has previously gifted many with the valuable charm for their excellent behaviour in-game, dedication, and similar acts, so it’s not entirely out of the question.

Getting a fist bump gun buddy in Valorant is simple. Anyone can get it by being nice to others in-game, hoping that a Riot employee is in your queue, and observing your behaviour.

We don’t know Riot employees’ gaming schedules, but we know when the next Valorant Night Market happens. So stack up your inventory with cheap yet lavish items to win in style! But make sure you have the best Valorant crosshair code logged in because skins are nothing without skill.