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The next Valorant new agent is an Indian controller with water powers

Riot has teased a Valorant new agent with an image of the seaside and some hints at a 'blue ocean' and 'ancient times', but they'll be a controller for sure

Valorant new agent: An open travel journal, a beverage in a glass, and a dish of samosas sit on a table overlooking a wharf.

The next Valorant new agent will be a controller who hails from India, developer Riot has revealed. In the latest State of the Agents update for the multiplayer game, Riot says its next agent is “almost ready to go out,” and drops a bunch of slightly cryptic hints about this new agent’s background.

“We have seen that Controllers are in a bit of a drought,” writes senior character producer John Goscicki. “It feels like we have to go all the way back to ancient times to our last new Controller release with Astra.”

Beyond being a Controller agent, what’s clear from the post is that this will be a Valorant character of Indian descent. The post includes a piece of key art that depicts fishing boats moored to a wharf, with a journal, beverage, and dish of samosas on a table in the foreground. The image is introduced with the text “Jald hi milte hain,” which is Hindi for “see you soon.”

The image file is named ‘samosachaat.jpg,’ and samosa chaat is a spicy street food popular in northern India.

While there’s no additional firm information in the teaser post, it is full of what appear to be hints about this new agent. Goscicki mentions ‘drought’, ‘ancient times’, a ‘blue ocean’, and ‘flood’ in the text, and these all seem to be deliberately shoehorned into the post to hint at aspects of this new agent’s background – specifically, to some kind of water theme.

Whoever this new agent is, we’ll be finding out before too long it seems.