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Valorant patch notes 4.10 - Omen update may tease new map

The new Valorant patch notes for update 4.10 are here with some tweaks to Haven, some ping and latency fixes, and an Omen change - teasing a new map, perhaps

Omen and Fade feature in the Valorant patch 14.10 notes

The new Valorant patch notes for the 4.10 update are here, featuring a load of welcome changes such as tweaks to the Haven map, some improvements to ping and latency, and a number of bug fixes. However, the specific change to Valorant character Omen may tie in with Riot’s new map tease.

Valorant 4.10 is now out and the patch notes are here, and while it’s not quite as epic as the recent 4.08 update that introduced the multiplayer game‘s new agent Fade, one particular tweak may point to something bigger. The update’s highlight is the improvements to the character model for Omen “to increase detail and fidelity”. This would seem innocent, except that Omen is the focus of the weird ‘Aquarium week’ teaser that Riot posted this week – that a number of fans believe is a hint towards a new Valorant map reveal. It may not be a coincidence that Omen is the biggest feature of this new patch.

Elsewhere in 4.10, the Haven map has received a few tweaks to remove “some pixel collision” in a couple of key areas. There are a number of new performance graphs too, including one for “shooting error values for recent shots” to help players improve.

Speaking of performance, Riot has added a fix for “ping or framerate spikes”. This issue may have caused some lag or latency problems for players, so hopefully that’s sorted now. Beyond that, there are a number of bug fixes for issues like voice lines, gear, abilities. “some minor flickering”, and keybinds not binding properly.

All in all, a small but welcome update for the FPS game that may tease big things to come. We’ll have to wait and see for that, although a new map would look great right about now.