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Valorant dev confirms it has “been working on replays” in new update

The most requested feature is in the works for Valorant with match replays being actively developed, though they’re not quite ready yet.

Valorant dev confirms it has “been working on replays” in new update: Raze stands holding her gun while smiling at the camera.

Getting better at a game like Valorant takes time, effort, and analysis of how you can improve your plays. While there’s no shortage of people online who’ll tell you what you’ve done wrong there’s no substitute for taking the time to examine your own games. That’s one of the reasons why a replay system has been one of the community’s most requested features, and in a new dev update video we may have just got a little closer to it making an appearance.

Riot Games has confirmed that it’s been working on a replay system for Valorant, though there’s still a long way to go until it’s implemented. Valorant Tech Lead Marcus Reid has stated in an update video that there are several hurdles Riot needs to clear before replays can hit the live game. Biggest of these is how replays complicate existing technical systems. As it was built to be a responsive multiplayer FPS game focusing on competitiveness, adding in a third person remote camera adds a ton of issues which need to be resolved.

Riot does show off a little of a work in progress replay mode but is at pains to note that it was a prototype and very far away from being introduced into the game. We also get to see a few different bugs replays cause, such as floating doors or animations being mistimed. With thousands of assets to be audited as Riot works on this feature, it does seem that we won’t be seeing replays any time soon, though it’s good to know they’re still in development.

Other than replays, the update video announces a few changes to map rotations and Agent balance. Riot promises to ensure the community is informed about map pools with plenty of notice and as such the upcoming 8.11 patch in June will see Breeze and Split rotate out and Haven rotate in.

In addition, Duelists are coming under the microscope for the next round of balance updates. Raze will see some nerfs focused around satchel mobility, while Iso’s shield and Neon’s slide will get some changes to bring them up to a more competitive level. Reyna in particular will receive a mixed bag, with some alterations aimed at reducing how strong she is in ranked play and others upping her viability in pro play.

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