Valorant dev commends player who memorized all butterfly knife tricks

Valorant developers at Riot praise a skilled fan who memorized every single trick Agents execute with the butterfly knife in the FPS game

A Valorant butterfly knife sits in front of the Icebox map that's blurred in the background

Valorant has some pretty incredible knife cosmetic options, but none are as popular or stylish as the butterfly knife. There are multiple versions of the butterfly knife avail in the FPS game, from Yoru’s Stylish Butterfly Comb to the new VCT Champions 2022 Butterfly in the new Valorant Champions bundle.

With butterfly knives being the preferred choice for many players, one dedicated fan decided to take their love for the melee weapon to the next level and make their own DIY butterfly knife. User Ok-Brush7590 posted a video to the Valorant subreddit of their own butterfly knife.

Brush weaves together footage of Valorant agents doing crazy knife tricks with a video of them doing the same trick. It’s impressive how they manage to memorize every single trick possible, all done with a butterfly knife not even made of metal. After all, safety is paramount and we don’t recommend anyone goes around playing with knives, which is why this Redditor is using a popsicle stick recreation instead.

Doing Valorant butterfly knife trick’s with a popsicle stick recon butterfly knife from VALORANT

The video instantly shot to the top of the subreddit page and garnered the praise of a Riot employee in the comment section below the post. Preeti Khanolkar is the lead producer of cosmetic content on Valorant and was shocked by the video, simply exclaiming: “WOAH! this is awesome!”

It’s no small feat to be able to make your own butterfly knife, let alone take the time and skill necessary to execute multiple butterfly knife tricks. Clearly, Brush is a hardcore Valorant fan who was so inspired by the knife they wanted to become an actual Valorant agent, and certainly accomplished that.

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