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Valorant Sage fan inks incredible portrait tattoo

Valorant Sage fans are a dedicated bunch, and one fan decided to make his devotion to the healer permanent with a massive tattoo of the popular Sentinel agent

Valorant's Sage poses in front of the Icebox map, which is blurred

Is there a more dedicated way to show your love for Valorant than getting a tattoo of a Valorant character? We don’t think so. Tattoos have long been one of the most common ways FPS game fans show their undying love for a specific game or character, and with Valorant becoming such a massive hit, it was only a matter of time before a fan drew inspiration from the game and permanently inked themselves with a Valorant Sage tattoo.

One Valorant fanatic is so fascinated with Valorant’s Sage that he got an enormous portrait of the Sentinel spanning their entire upper left arm. User TheBrownManPlays shared their portrait tattoo onto the Valorant subreddit and explained exactly what drew them to get the agent inked on them for good.

“I always play healers in hero shooters, but never have I fallen in love with a character the way I did with Sage. Shoutout to Riot Games & Naomi Yang for giving the character the depth she has and making her what she is today.”

Valorant Sage tattoo on the left arm of Reddit user, TheBrownManPlaysImage: TheBrownManPlays (click through to see the full tattoo)

The Reddit user shared multiple shots of the finished tattoo where Sage can be seen in black and white with clouds swirling in the background. The tattoo artist nailed Sage’s facial features, which stand out as the center of the piece. The only colored parts of the tattoo are the orbs in her earrings, the ones she’s holding, and more at the bottom of the tattoo, which is an incredibly nice touch and an awesome nod to her gameplay design.

“The artist asked me if I wanted full black and grey or black and grey with some color,” TheBrownManPlays explains. “We both agreed on the orbs only being colored.”

Although there are plenty of gaming tattoos floating around the internet, this one is genuinely special as it’s great both as an homage tattoo as well as just killer ink on its own. If you are looking to get into the shooter, check out the Valorant agent tier list and best Valorant crosshairs and codes.