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Valorant skin trading is a must after 400k CSGO AK-47 goes viral

If you thought Valorant skins were expensive, wait till you find out the sky-high cost for which an AK-47 is selling for in Riot's rival FPS game, CSGO

Valorant skin trading is a must after 400k CSGO AK-47 goes viral: A well presented man in a suit aims down the barrel of a futuristic sniper rifle

Valorant is easily the most popular 5v5 FPS game in 2022, but it wasn’t always the go-to shooter. Before Riot dipped its toes into FPS, CSGO reigned over the genre with a lucrative market and realistic gameplay. Even in 2022, the comparisons between the two titles are abundant, as Valorant players envy CSGO traders making big bucks through rare skins.


Recently, the Valorant community has been picking holes in the skin market. From Riot’s lazy designs to the game’s small store, all sorts of complaints have been dropping in Riot’s inbox. In the thick of it all, a CSGO player has put a shiny StatTrak™ 661 pattern AK-47 up for sale at $400,000. The amount is whacky for any virtual item, and Valorant players are losing it.

Voicing the entire community, a player responded that Riot gives you an animated Elderflame for “literally $20.” In contrast, a CSGO skin with zero frills attached sells for as much as a lavish property. The discussion led to Valorant skin collectors feeling truly envious and hoping that Riot would let players trade skins.

Why are Valorant skins cheaper than CSGO?

Valorant skins are comparatively cheap and aren’t worth much in value once they leave the store. The reason is that Valorant skins are both plentiful and eternal. Comparatively, CSGO skins roll out in limited numbers, and once they run out, they become a rare commodity. Attach major event stickers to the skin, and you can be a millionaire. Simply put, the CSGO market is handled primarily by the community that ultimately gets its money back tenfold.

Conversely, all skin money in Valorant goes directly to Riot. It’s both good and bad. A lack of a community-monitored store ensures that all skins are uniformly priced and available for all. But it also means that players are stuck with multiple skins for one weapon without being able to sell or trade them.

In 2022, the entire Valorant store costs somewhere around $6,500 / £5471. The amount will continue to increase as the game ages and Riot rolls out more skin bundles, but players won’t be able to sell out their existing items, leading to an overcrowded inventory.

It’s worth noting that the skins’ value would remain the same. Meaning those who own a bundle from Project: A would have nothing to flex about unless Riot discontinues a skin. So, it makes sense if Valorant players are jealous of the CSGO’s rewarding skin store.

Valorant’s in-game store has many flaws and could use a slight overhaul to fulfil players’ needs. It remains to be seen if Riot will consider tweaking the store to make it more profitable for the community. Still, some Valorant skins are worth picking up and you can get them for even cheaper at Valorant Night Market – so keep an eye out for it.