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Valorant Skye flashes won’t ruin your games anymore

Valorant Skye flashes can make or break a game, but one crafty fan has found out a way to cancel the mechanic in Riot Games' flagship FPS

Valorant skye trick allows you to cancel flash: Ginger woman with a dog made of wood stands on Split background

A Valorant Skye flash can truly ruin a match in Riot’s FPS game, but one hardcore fan has found the perfect way to mitigate the pesky Initiator Agent’s exploding bird.

While fans have been grinding out the Episode 5 Act 2 battle pass, players have continued to uncover new angles on maps as well as playing around flashes and damaging abilities. One player found a nifty way to cancel out Skye’s flash – something that’s only possible by playing Skye herself. 

User VatianGT0321 shared their discovery to the Valorant subreddit with a post titled, “so, you can cancel Skye flash by half flashing yourself.” In the video, Vatican is flashed by Skye’s Guiding Light ability. At the same time, with their own flash readied, they release the hawk and quickly flash themselves. Their own flash cancels out the flash from the opposing Skye, saving them a huge amount of time where their vision would be impaired.

so you can cancel skye flash by half flashing yourself from VALORANT

The discovery stunned some other Valorant players, who saw the trick as useful but also potentially at risk of being hotfixed out of the game quickly. One user said, “I can see that getting patched soon. You can probably cancel other flashes too.”

Another user pointed out that this kind of trick works for mollies as well. They write “this also applies to mollies. You can overwrite a Viper molly by using a Viper molly on yourself which would work in most post-plant situations. You would take damage based on your own self molly and it ignores the enemy molly for some reason.”

Despite the potential usefulness of cancelling a flash with your own flash, another Valorant player questioned just how valuable the trick would be and said, “practically thinking, why would anybody be standing with their own flash in their hand to counter someone else’s flash?”

Whatever the value of the interaction is, it’s unlikely Riot provides a hotfix for it immediately as they haven’t commented publicly on the post. In the meantime, if you are looking for the best crosshairs and codes for Valorant, we’ve got your back.